Friday, August 20, 2010


Every day I receive an email
saying, "If you want to win a Venus
you must strive to be a he-male.
Increase the dimensions of your penis"

It says they will add an inch
or two or even three
It assures me it's a cinch
to have Superman's anatomy

It promises to enhance
It vows I'll have more girth
that girls'll swoon at a glance
at my member's huge rebirth

But that's not all that they assure
There's more within my powers
They claim my erections can endure
even at times to four long hours

They urge me, "try Cialis"
They insist I take Viagra
"Your ever-erect and giant phallus
will trump the wonders of Niagara!"

It does no good to say "No more --
please don't send another email"
Still they come, though I implore
that I happen to be a penisless FEmale!