Monday, December 8, 2008


In the last few days I've had the honor of forwarding two petitions -- both of supreme importance -- to my friends and supporters. Both petitions will ultimately, it is hoped, wind up with President-Elect Obama's transition team. One, requesting that there be a Secretary of the Arts, was initiated by a friend. The other, initiated by me, is on behalf of peace grandmothers who want to end the war in Iraq ASAP and want Obama to reconsider his plan to elevate the war in Afghanistan.

Your signatures would be much appreciatd on both. Here they are:

We endorse the Secretary of the Arts Petition to President-Elect Barack Obama.
Read the Secretary of the Arts Petition.


Thursday, November 27, 2008


A guest anti-war granny, Edith Bell of the Pittsburgh Raging Grannies, has sent me a copy of her letter published in the Post Gazette. I think it's most important. Here it is:

"President Bush states, he will not close Guantanamo Bay prison (PG 10-26-08) Guantanamo is an interrogation camp. Interrogation camps are illegal according to the Geneva Conventions, revised in 1949 in response to Nazi practices in World War II. Our government unilaterally decided to disregard the Geneva Conventions. Furthermore the 8th Amendment states, “ Excessive bail shall not be required …nor cruel and unusual punishment inflicted.” There are reports on what has occurred at Guantanamo Bay prison, incidents resembling Abu Graib. Somebody asked me recently how Hitler’s rise in civilized Germany was possible. Since I was there, I assured him, that it sneaked up on us gradually. First the fear of external and internal threat was invoked. Secret prisons and a paramilitary force were established. Ordinary citizens were spied upon, and citizens’ groups were infiltrated. People were arbitrarily detained and released. The press was restricted. A few other countries were attacked. Criticism was regarded as treason or espionage. Economically Germany was in dire straits, trying to provide for “guns and butter”. Finally the rules of law were subverted and there was a dictatorship. No one dared to speak out, and a neighbor could no longer be trusted. Evil happens when enough good people do nothing Let’s make sure that it can’t happen again."

Sunday, November 23, 2008


a poem by Joan Wile
author, "Grandmothers Against the War: Getting Off Our Fannies and Standing Up for Peace" (Citadel Press, May 2008)

The media
they feedya
sensation not sense
you, public, so dense,
allow them to leadya

They milk the inane
until we're insane
They fixate on Palin
day out and day in
until we're in pain

They're hung up on Hill
obsessed about Bill
They force feed us Brittney
Expose ev'ry titty
until we feel ill

Why can't they relate
succinctly and straight
the substantive news
devoid of their views
Let US calculate
our eventual fate

Tuesday, November 11, 2008


Granny Peace Brigade Holds Teach-In To Oppose
Militarization By U.S. Of Latin America And The Caribbean

by Joan Wile,
author, "Grandmothers Against the War: Getting Off Our Fannies and Standing Up for Peace" (Citadel Press, May 2008)

The legendary grannies of the New York Granny Peace Brigade, who were arrested, jailed and put on trial for six days in 2005 when we attempted to enlist in the military at the Times Square recruiting station, are still out there fighting U.S. preemptive war and militarization of foreign nations. Though most, if not all, of us are jubilant about Barack Obama's historic election, nevertheless we feisty grandmothers held a teach-in days after his victory to alert the public and, hopefully, the President-elect to our concerns about the plethora of U.S. military installations and operations in Latin America and the Caribbean.

The teach-in, held Sunday, Nov। 9, at Manhattan's Church of the Ascension, was the third in a series of teach-ins sponsored by the grandmothers to oppose the more than 1,000 military bases installed in every continent except Antarctica. The first teach-in emphasized Guantanamo, the second stressed AFRICOM, the new U.S. military command for Africa. In this latest forum, moderated by Greg Wilpert, sociologist and author of Changing Venezuela by Taking Power and editor of, the 19 countries of South and Central America as well as the 13 countries of the Caribbean were the focus of discussion. To our knowledge, there are a few major bases in Latin America and the Caribbean -- Guantanamo in Cuba, of course, Manta in Ecuador, Soto Cano in Honduras and several in Columbia, as well as a number of smaller installations, termed "lily pads," used for various military purposes, but often disguised as centers for drug interdiction.

Maria Fernanda Espinosa, Permanent Representative of Ecuador to the United Nations and former Minister of Foreign Affairs for Ecuador, a petite young woman (40ish is young to us grannies, at any rate), spoke of Ecuador's refusal to renew its contract with the U.S. for its use of the military base at Manta. According to Ambassador Espinosa, when she was foreign minister she had three meetings with U.S. Secretary of State Condoleeza Rice, who applied tremendous pressure upon the government of Ecuador to sign on with the U.S. for another ten years, but Ecuador stuck by its guns -- or rather against the guns and said "No."

The Ambassador said she was hopeful that Barack Obama would make policy changes favorable to Latin America and the Caribbean that would preclude United States militarization and recognize the sovereignty of the countries within. Ecuador has written a new constitution articulating that it is a country of peace, and prohibits military bases for any purpose. It is the only country other than Japan to specify peace in its constitution, and she expressed a wish that the document would become a model for other nations.

Espinosa also revealed that there are now high-level meetings at the U.N. discussing preemptive war and the concept of protection by one nation for others. She urged us to pay attention to what's going on in the U.N. in those respects, and we sensed an optimism in her remarks that perhaps we can anticipate welcome strides forward.

Following the impressive Ambassador, we heard from Greg Grandin, professor of History at New York University and an award-winning author of several books, most recently Empire's Workshop: Latin America, the United States, and the Rise of the New Imperialism (Metropolitan, 2006). Professor Grandin discussed the United States attempts to curb the growing democratization of Latin America by its imposition of military control. He declared that the Bush policy has been a "disaster" for Latin America, and cited, for example, how its giving resources and support to Columbia to militarize (the Columbia Plan), ostensibly to fight drug trafficking, has in actuality allowed the U.S. to further its manipulation of Columbia into its militaristic web. In his view, it has been a failure in its intended aim to fight drugs but has succeeded all too well in gaining U.S. military domination of the area. He warned that the U.S. is seeking to impose the Columbia Plan across Latin America and in Mexico.

Professor Grandin said that what really matters in stopping United States domination of our neighbors to the south and in the Caribbean is to repudiate preventive war and to recognize their sovereignty. Latin America, he ventured, will be a test case for how substantial the break from past policy will be under an Obama administration.

And, finally, the grannies were pleased to attend the words of our remarkable buddy, Army Colonel (retired) Ann Wright, renowned for resigning her diplomatic post the night before the United States invaded Iraq, and author of an important new book, Dissent: Voices of Conscience (2008). Col. Wright, a dedicated anti-war protester who has spent considerable time in jail for her patriotic efforts, spoke of her shock when she attempted to enter Canada recently and was forbidden entry. The authorities knew of her arrests, such information available only through FBI files, which are to itemize only serious offenders and definitely not Bush protesters. Col. Wright described the incident as "creepy" and warned that undoubtedly access into Mexico will be subject to the same illegal process. She advised us to urge President-Elect Obama to stop this subversion of our rights.

The Colonel referred to the Axis of Evil -- which, according to Bush, is composed of Iraq, North Korea and Iran. However, she reminded us of how the term was implicit earlier under the Reagan administration when the U.S. demonized the Cuban revolution, the Sandinista revolution in Nicaragua and, that in Granada. She believes the new administration has the potential for a great presidency, but exhorted us to tell Obama about our opposition to the past and current United States' dangerous policies toward Latin America and the Caribbean.

There followed a most informative question and answer forum ending with the query, "What can we here in New York do about this urgent problem of U.S. militarization of our Latin American and Caribbean neighbors?" Ann Wright stated that our teach-in was a good first step, that educating people was vital. She encouraged participation in the upcoming protest at Ft. Benning against the School of the Americas. It was suggested that we entreat the authorities to bring the national guard home from Iraq, that we march with the Veterans for Peace in the Veterans Day parade. Most of all, we should target Congress. Some of our leading Democrat policymakers, as, for instance, Sen. Christopher Dodd, voted for the Columbia Plan. We must re-educate him and others.

The Granny Peace Brigade, for its part, will keep on keeping on with its teach-ins, its counter-recruitment actions and its various other activities toward its fundamental purpose of ending the Iraq war and preventing other preemptive invasions.

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Thursday, September 4, 2008


by Joan Wile
"Grandmothers Against the War: Getting Off Our Fannies and Standing Up for Peace"
Citadel Press -- May 2008

Yes, when I first heard the announcement that John McCain had picked Gov. Sarah Palin for his vice presidential nominee, I sunk into an anxious state of depression. I gleaned immediately that he had scored a political coup by copping the media spotlight Obama had enjoyed from his acceptance speech the night before. Then, I had visions of thousands of
Hillary supporters leaping on to Sarah's bandwagon now that there was somebody to represent Girl Power in the national election. "Take that, Obama supporters!" I heard them say in my alarming scenario.

I got calls from other Obama grannies in my group, Grandmothers Against the War, equally worried about McCain's cataclysmic bombshell announcement. I had a very unhappy couple of days as I imagined the defeat of the Democrats at the hands of this pretty young Hockey Mom. The only negative I could discern was when I heard her speak in her shrill, piping Valley Girl voice. This didn't comfort me much, though, as I am a singer, much more aware and concerned about vocal tones than most people.

But, then, as the revelations about Sarah started to roll out, I began to have a little hope. Would the Hillary legions support a woman who was anti-abortion to the extreme, even, of condemning it for victims of rape and incest? Hard to imagine. Next, we learned of her fidelity to the creationism theory. Would any Democrats go for that? Would Independents? By the very nature of the word "independent," it is hard to imagine that they would subscribe to a belief out of the dark ages.

And so much more. She fired a librarian who wouldn't ban books Sarah deemed bad. She didn't want sex education in the schools. The later news that her 17-year-old unmarried daughter was pregnant was certainly an ironic comment on the questionable wisdom of that stance. She actually supported the Bridge to Nowhere before she felt enough political pressure to turn against it. She was a political pal of the indicted corrupt Sen. Stevens. She's a member of the NRA who loves to hunt -- a synonym, to my mind, for "kill."

Well, I won't go on and on with the long litany of her conservative sins. But, they have relieved me a little bit of my nervousness about her. I tell myself that surely the American women are not cajoled into voting for this person who holds positions and beliefs so contrary to what I assume most women outside the Bible Belt hold, who if elected with John McCain, would be so on the brink of being President.

We couldn't be that dumb, could we?

On the other hand, we elected George W. Bush to a second term!

Tuesday, August 26, 2008


by Joan Wile, Author,
"Grandmothers Against the War: Getting Off Our Fannies and Standing Up for Peace"
(Citadel Press, May, 2008)

"All the perfumes in Arabia will not sweeten this little hand," spoke Lady Macbeth after manipulating her husband into murdering Duncan.

We can alter these immortal words to characterize General Electric's copping today, Aug. 26, of the Granny Peace Brigade's historic turf, the Times Square recruiting center, for its promotion of washing machines. We might say that "All the washing machines of GE cannot whitewash this corporate takeover of the grannies' protest site," dating back to October 17, 2005, when we were arrested and sent to jail following our attempt to enlist in the military.

We planned a demonstration there today to let the Democratic convention know that we want them to toughen up their platform concerning the war in Iraq and other peace issues. We made six-foot long faux knotty wood planks (made of foam mattresses cut in half) inscribed with our peace demands, which we carried from the recruiting center island to the NYS Democratic Party offices nearly a mile through midtown Manhattan. But, first, as is our custom, we held a press conference on "our" site. We were shocked to find a huge washing machine contraption occupying almost the entire concrete island, with lots of young Madison Avenue types hovering about. The head honcho pleaded with us not to hold our demonstration, but we remained firm. At one point, a couple of these promotion preppies nastily asked us how we could dare interfere with commerce. We asked them how they could dare interfere with our serious business of trying to save America's grandchildren's lives in Iraq.

So, there we were, legendary anti-war grannies standing next to one of America's biggest multinational giants, we trying to sell ending the occupation of Iraq NOW and they trying to sell yet another household appliance, undoubtedly to finance an infinite number of war machines and contracts.

Why did they choose this spot? We suspect it's because we, the grannies, made it so famous beginning when our arrest became a world-wide story overnight. We've held a number of colorful and unique demonstrations there since -- the March 2007 "Endless War Memorial," for instance, when for six days over 400 people, including a number of celebrities, read non-stop from dawn to nightfall the names of Iraqi and coalition dead in Iraq since the inception of our attack in 2003.

Another event outside the recruiting station was held on March 19, 2008, the date of the beginning of the 6th year of our occupation, when we held a Knit-In and knit stump socks there for amputee veterans. We are so well associated with the Times Square site that the American Friends Service Committee recently added it as the 15th in its Places of Conscience map, beginning in 1637. They explain in the map that they chose the island because of the grannies' act of nonviolent civil disobedience in 2007.

Today, our press conference featured famed civil liberties attorney, Norman Siegel, who successfully defended us at our six-day trial in Criminal Court; NYC Councilwoman Rosie Mendez's representative, Susan Kingsland; Vietnam vet member of Veterans for Peace, Chaplain Hugh Bruce; legendary actress-playwright, great-grandmother and one of the Times Square arrestees, Vinie Burrows; and songs performed by the Raging Grannies. We then marched on the "sidewalks of New York" to our destination on Park Ave. and 31st Street, where we held another demonstration with songs and speeches and laid our planks into an arrangement that did, indeed, resemble a platform.

We grannies have been trying to end this terrible occupation of Iraq for almost five years. We hope that today's action was our last in that regard, but we fear that it is not. Even if the Democrats get in, it is questionable if they have the courage and principles to do what we believe so strongly is the only right thing to do -- bring the troops home with no further delay and stay out of Iran. It is with great concern that we view the diminution of concern about our continued presence in Iraq by United States citizens. We, too, share an urgency about our failing economy, but we cannot, we will not, forget that our girls and boys in Iraq are still dying, at least 3 a week, and that untold numbers of Iraqis are, also. It still remains our highest priority.

Thursday, July 24, 2008


by Joan Wile, author,
Grandmothers Against the War: Getting off Our Fannies and Standing up for Peace"
published by Citadel Press, May 2008

It is interesting how children sometimes oppose their parents' political beliefs and convert to ones opposite them. A good case in point is discussed in my new book, "Grandmothers Against the War: Getting off Our Fannies and Standing up for Peace" (Citadel Press, May 2).

In a brief bio about myself within the book's text, I describe how I was brutalized as a 9th grade student at a junior high school in Arlington, Virginia. I founded, wrote, produced, and raised funds for a new school newspaper by myself, as I could find no teachers to help me. I proudly distributed it one morning to the student body in their classrooms. Shockingly, at lunch I was pelted with wadded up copies of the paper and pieces of food as boys shouted anti-Semitic slurs at me -- "Dirty Kike," and so on.

Mortified, I ran and hid in the girls' bathroom until my mother came and rescued me. I didn't return to school for a couple of weeks.

A year later and now a high school student, I attended a party given by my local theatre company, in which I was a featured actress. The principal of the school where I had been traumatized, Ira Beatty, and his wife were there. I approached Mr. Beatty and asked him why I had never received faculty assistance or support in my enterprise of starting the school newspaper. He informed me that the Arlington County School Board had told him to "keep that Jew off the paper."

Apparently, he complied. Whether he instigated the incident in the lunch room or not, I'll never know. But, I wonder. How did those kids know I was part Jewish, when I hardly knew it myself?

I've often thought of this painful event when reading about or seeing Warren or Shirley on the screen and I marvel at the fact that they are such political Progressives, whom I admire very much. Warren, in particular, is a real hero of mine -- his brilliant film, "Bulworth," made mincemeat of the Bush administration and the Republicans' hypocrisy and assault on our liberties. It seems that the Beatty branches fell very far from the tree, at least ideologically.

By the way, the newspaper won a Virginia state prize the year following my establishing it.

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Listen to my new YouTube song video, "Grandmama for Obama"

Joan Wile, Singer/ASCAP Songwriter and author of new book, "GRANDMOTHERS AGAINST THE WAR: GETTING OFF OUR FANNIES AND STANDING UP FOR PEACE," published by Citadel Press, has just made a video of her song, "GRANDMAMA FOR OBAMA," and posted it on YouTube.
She hopes it will assist in helping Obama to pick up the older white woman vote.


Sunday, May 25, 2008


by Joan Wile, ASCAP songwriter, and author,
"Grandmothers Against the War: Getting off Our Fannies and Standing up for Peace,"
published April 29, 2008, by Citadel Press






Monday, April 28, 2008


by Joan Wile, author,
"Grandmothers Against the War: Getting Off Our Fannies And Standing Up For Peace,"
published by Citadel Press

HILL: AHA! I beat that SOB. I've got him reeling since Pennslvania. He and his campaign people don't know what the hell to do. I'm gaining. I'm gaining.

BILL: Now, hold on, Hillary, you haven't gotten to the Oval Office yet. There are warning signs developing. Congressman Clyburn came out yesterday and trashed our, I mean, your campaign. You might lose the whole black vote. You can't win without them.

HILL: What do I care? At least I've destroyed that spoiler's image enough so that if he's nominated he'll lose the election. Then, it's a cinch for me in 2012.

BILL: You're not getting any younger, Hillary. You may not be up to it in four years when you'll be 64. You're already beginning to look a little ragged around the edges.

HILL: Hey, you pulled that age crap on me already with that dumb-ass remark about being sixty and forgetting things. It cost me some votes. I'm hailed for my energy, my ability to keep on fighting even though I'm sleep deprived and on the hustle 24-7. Lay off that, mister.

BILL: Well, I'm trying to give you a reality check. You're still behind in delegate count and popular vote. So, don't go counting your chickens.

HILL: What do you mean, I'm behind in popular vote? I've got Florida and Michigan to pull me ahead.

BILL: Excuse me, but they're not counting Florida and Michigan. You promised not to include them in your vote counts. Obama wasn't even on the ballot in Michigan.

HILL: Who cares? By hook or by crook, I'm going to get those votes counted, and I'm not going to allow a redo, either. I want them just the way they are -- with no opposition.

BILL: I'm telling you, they won't let you get away with that. And, you've got other problems. People don't LIKE you. The more you campaign, the more your likeability rating tanks. The super delegates pay attention to shit like that.

HILL: So what? You can twist all those arms for me, can't you, Bill? You've got plenty of goods on most of them. The bribes they gave you to push their legislation. The enormous questionable contributions to your Library. The crooked investment deals they've negotiated for you lately. They won't dare cross you.

BILL; Yeah? Well, he's got the supers crossing over to him in droves. Even your own fund raiser, what's his name, that spick, Gabriel Guerra-Mondragon, just switched to Obama. I think you'd better lay off some of the low blows you've been delivering.

HILL: Be serious. That's the only way I can beat him. I'll get as low as I have to. If you think I'm going to let this presidency slip away, you're nuts. He stole it from me. It was mine! You promised it to me if I stuck with you when you got caught fooling around with that fat bimbo. I want it! I'll get it, I don't care what I have to do!

BILL: Hillary, get a hold of yourself. You're going ballistic. You'll hurt your image if word of these tantrums gets out. Why don't you take a snort of cocaine? It always calms you down.

HILL: I used it up. Contact our connection, that Columbian friend of yours -- the one with the mining company. Now, listen, I want you to stop criticizing me. Let's talk about YOU. You're certainly not helping any by cursing when the microphone can pick it up like it did after your interview with that reporter the other day. Talk about dwindling reputations. You've been positively TORPEDOING yours lately. And, another thing. I'd like to know why George asked me that question about Bosnia at the last debate. I thought you took care of him. He was just supposed to get on OBAMA's case. He only asked three of the questions you paid him to ask. What happened to the fourth one -- the one asking him about his mother being an atheist? That was supposed to be the killer.

BILL: I decided not to go there. That's shaky ground. You've blathered on so much about your faith, I don't want to risk you're being exposed as a phony.

HILL: I can lie about anything I want to. This is politics.

BILL: I can't argue with that, that's for sure.

HILL: OK, now go back to your bedroom. I've got to think up my next attack. Maybe I'll pull out the race card all the way and tell Indiana he's a member of the Black Panthers.

BILL: Good one. And, why don't you look over those guidelines again that Karl Rove sent you? Well, g'night.

HILL: (ignoring him -- talking to self) Should I say he's a Black Panther or should I say he's a closet gay? Maybe I'll say he's a secret agent for the Castros....I'll get him....I'll get him. I MUST be President. Nobody else but me is entitled to be.

Wednesday, April 23, 2008


Here's the first review of my book, GRANDMOTHERS AGAINST THE WAR; GETTING OFF OUR FANNIES AND STANDING UP FOR PEACE, published by Citadel Press, available April 29 in book stores or online at or
Can Grandmothers End Wars?
David Swanson -- from blog --Here is the perfect Mother's Day gift for your mother, your mother in law, your grandmothers, and in fact for the men in their lives as well - who ought to be shamed into action। Joan Wile has published a book called "Grandmothers Against the War: Getting Off Our Fannies and Standing Up for Peace." As far as I know, this is her first book. It is very much an account of ordinary people doing extraordinary things. If more people did the same, we would put an end to war.Of course, the people in this book are extraordinary, but everyone is, and the actions that Wile recounts this group of grandmothers having taken are actions she describes as fun and exciting. If more people understood that and acted on it, we would put an end to war.These grandmothers in New York City hold a weekly vigil against the occupation of Iraq. And they mean it. They are protesting the current proposal by the Democrats to "oppose" the occupation by throwing another $178 billion at it. Quick! Quick! Can somebody "oppose" me like that?The grannies don't just vigil. They generate significant discussion of peace in the media through actions that have included attempting to get themselves recruited at the Times Square military recruiting office. They sat down in front, were arrested, went to trial, put the war itself on trial, and were acquitted, generating more attention all the while.They've traveled abroad, networking with peace activists, and spreading awareness of the depth of American opposition to our government's crimes.They've bird-dogged John McCain and Hillary Clinton. And Clinton recently gave peace activists the credit for her defeat.They've gone to Washington and lobbied for peace. They've performed hilarious and biting song and dance routines. They've inspired and collaborated with grannies around the country and others working for peace. They've knitted stump-socks in rocking chairs in front of the Veterans Administration. If more people took similar actions, we would put an end to war and have more fun at the same time.In case you did ever doubt that a handful of people can make a difference, that one person can make a difference: READ THIS BOOK. Then go forth and do likewise. And order a copy now for every Mother's Day present you'll need.Learn more at Link)

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GRANDMOTHERS AGAINST THE WAR: Getting Off Our Fannies And Standing Up For Peace
Author: Joan Wile
Foreword: Malachy McCourt
Pub. Date: April 29, 2008
Publisher: Citadel Press
Pre-order from or

First signing: May 5 at Barnes & Noble 82nd and Broadway, Manhattan

One Person CAN Make A Difference!

Have you ever woken up in the middle of the night thinking, "I've got to DO something," but felt like you were just one person who couldn’t bring about change? Well, Joan Wile woke up one night thinking she had to do something about the war in Iraq.

Little did she know how far she would go…

Joan founded Grandmothers Against the War in 2003. In this outspoken memoir, she tells the amazing story of the courageous, spunky women who stood up for their beliefs and refused to back down. From staging a protest in Times Square and getting thrown in jail, to marching to Washington DC, to speaking and protesting abroad, these activists are sure to inspire you with their hope and determination against all odds.

It’s never too late to change your life—and take action!

Joan Wile is the founder of Grandmothers Against the War and has been devoted to it since 2003. She is also an award-winning singer/songwriter with an extensive background in recording studios and cabarets. She has written six musicals, four of which were produced off and off-off Broadway. Her articles have appeared in the New York Times,,,, and many others. She attended the University of Chicago, and is the mother of two children, and grandmother of five. Visit her at or her blog, Or, listen to her granny anti-war song on youtube --

Friday, March 28, 2008



by Joan Wile, Founder, Grandmothers Against the War
and author, GRANDMOTHERS AGAINST THE WAR: Getting Off Our Fannies And Standing Up For Peace," to be published by Citadel Press April 29, 2008

I have many reasons for being angry with Hillary Clinton, but one outweighs the others.

I don't like the fact that she is a hawk who morphed into a dove only because she realized it would hurt her campaign if she were perceived as being a supporter of the war in Iraq. I don't like the nasty way she trashes Obama. I don't like her transparent opportunism and heedless ambition. I don't like the thought of a co-presidency with Bill, who is not the person I thought him to be.

But, what I can't stomach most of all is the fact that after almost 400 years since slavery and the continuing racism that has permeated American life and so eaten away at our democracy, she is obstructing the potential to transcend that racism, finally, by electing a black president.

She can insist that her candidacy is breaking the glass ceiling for women, but electing a female president is not as earthshaking a precedent as having a black chief of state would be. Women are not discriminated against the way black people are. They are not called names. They are not ghettoized. They are not socially shunned in many places. Unless, of course, they are black. There is a world of difference between the discrimination accorded women and that accorded African Americans. Barack Obama's presidency would go a long, long way to changing that ugly fact of our culture.

This is what enrages me so. If she were obviously the better candidate, I would not feel this way. But, she isn't. In fact, I suspect she isn't equal to Obama when it comes to "crossing the commander in chief threshold." Why, oh why, then, does she continue this, yes, selfish quest and thereby deny us the most healing event, perhaps, in our history?

So, Hillary, I'm calling on you to put aside your out-sized ambition, your sense of entitlement, so that the United States will have this wonderful opportunity to at long last cross the racial divide in our country and, hopefully, leave it behind forever. Wouldn't that be magnificent, and wouldn't its realization compensate you for your lost dream?

Come on, girl, give it up! Let freedom ring!

Sunday, March 23, 2008


Grandmothers in 20 Cities Protest Occupation; Some Get Arrested

With knitting needles, with dirty linen clotheslines, many with songs, and some with acts of civil disobedience, grandmother groups across the United States in at least 20 cities expressed their frustration, their deep rage at the continued occupation of Iraq. This was the granny was of commemorating the end of five years since the bombing of Iraq on March 19, 2003.

The coordinated granny actions, initiated by the Granny Peace Brigade in New York City, were the latest ones demonstrating once again that the grandmothers of America have been in the forefront of the peace movement since Day One of the U.S. catastrophic invasion of a sovereign nation.

Perhaps the most noteworthy of the protests was that carried out in Atlanta, Georgia, on March 17, where 10 members of the Atlanta Grandmothers for Peace were arrested and jailed for 10 hours when they attempted to enlist in the military at a recruiting center. Said Doris Benit, 80, one of the arrestees: "We believe our young people were sent to Iraq on a web of lies and deceit. We believe they are being used as cannon fodder in an illegal and unjustified war against a nation which posed no threat to us.”

Very whimsical Knit-Ins for Peace were held in New York City, Washington DC, Pittsburgh PA, and other cities. They were outdoor events which involved grandmothers knitting stump socks for amputee veterans. The New York Granny Peace Brigade valiantly knit in the rain for about two hours outside the Times Square recruiting center where they had been arrested and carted off to jail in 2005 for attempting to enlist, while calling out the numbers of dead and wounded from each state. The oldest granny, and perhaps the most vociferously protesting one there, was 93-year-old Marie Runyon. Part of the New York group, along with some members of the Granny Peace Brigade Philadelphia and Maryland women, went to Washington, where they knit in rocking chairs outside the Veterans Administration, and when they had completed knitting a number of the stump covers, had a Veteran for Peace color guard hand them over to a VA official. Fifteen Pittsburgh grannies, the oldest of which is 84, participated in their Knit-In at a recruiting station, as pictured below.

(Pittsburgh grandmothers knitting at a local recruiting center March 19, 2008; photo by Bonnie Fortune)

Another creative demonstration was that in Philadelphia, where the grannies hung a laundry line at City Hall and hung the dirty linen of the Bush administration on it -- each item of clothing inscribed with a plea to correct the many wrongs of the Government The Philly grannies, like most of the other granny groups, sang anti-war songs during their protests.
(some of the dirty linen hung at City Hall in Philadelphia PA March 19, 2008.
photo by Cathy Clemens)

In Orange County, NY, a group of grandmas met with State University students on campus in Middletown, and urged them to participate in the anti-war movement. In spite of pouring rain, there was a good turnout and the students were surprisingly receptive. The older women had a sense that young people are beginning to take more action in the struggle to end the war.

150 people stood on four corners in Sarasota, Florida. Eight stalwart grandmothers in Boston held a vigil on Boston Common in a drenching downpour. Other groups that participated were in Spokane; Minneapolis; Detroit; Albany NY; Monkato MN; San Francisco; Montpelier VT; San Jose CA; Bloomington IND; Portland, Maine; St. Augustine FL, and Denver.

(Raging Grannies in Tucson AZ hold Knit-In for Peace on March 19, 2008)

Amazingly, a lot of the granny protests got wide media coverage in their areas. This represents a kind of breakthrough, as it has been difficult to get publicity for the many grandmother anti-war activities conducted over the last five years since the war was launched..

At least two grandmothers got arrested when a group of protesters prevented entrance to the IRS in Washington DC -- Beverly Rice of the New York Granny Peace Brigade and Sue Gracey of the Boston Raging grannies। Three other Granny Peace Brigade members -- Ann Shirazi, Jenn Heinz and Joan Pleune, were arrested in DC when they marched on the Capital.

When grandmothers are willing to risk arrest and jail, as so many of us old ladies do on a regular basis these days, you know this war is despised and must be ended. We grannies are not getting any younger and our energy is not what it was in our earlier days -- but we keep on keeping on knowing we will not be here forever and earnestly hoping that we are inspiring other and younger people to carry on our urgent quest when we no longer can.

Sunday, February 24, 2008


BILL: Now, you've REALLY blown it, Hillary. I said to CHALLENGE him about those leaflets, not have a hissy fit. You came on like the Wicked Witch of the North. Your face was as red as your jacket. And, why'd you have to dis him so viciously right after that love fest in Texas? You seemed positively schizo!

HILL: That wasn't MY idea to suck up to Obama in the debate. That was Mark Penn's cockamamie plan. He said it would make me look sympathetic. That slick upstart, Obama, is stealing what should rightfully be mine. I'm at the end of my rope. I don't know what to do. And, YOU certainly haven't helped any.

BILL: Oh, now it's MY fault, huh? Come on, Hillary. Stop looking for other people to blame. Face it, you're a lousy campaigner. All detail smarts but no retail smarts. All wonk, but no conk. You can't deliver that knock-out punch.

HILL: (shouting shrilly) I WANT TO BE PRESIDENT, DAMNIT. I DESERVE TO BE PRESIDENT! He can't do this to me. There's got to be SOMETHING I can do.

BILL: Have your people scoured the records to see if he ever had some hanky-panky? Some little back-room tryst?

HILL: Don't you think if there was anything we could find, we'd have come out with it by now? Besides, it would only remind people of how you made out with that fat little bimbo. It's hard enough to keep bragging about your Presidency without pushing THAT button.

BILL: Well, keep accusing him of plagiarism.

HILL: How can I do that when I quoted YOU in that riff I gave at the end about my troubles being nothing compared to most Americans? Talk about plagiarism.

BILL: Then, Hillary, you're just going to have to cope with the truth -- you might not be President. Learn to live with it.

HILL: No, no, don't even think such a thing. I HAVE to be President. Go away. I don't want to hear what you're saying. And, I know that in your heart you don't really WANT me to be President. That's why you've been screwing up my campaign. You wouldn't be able to take being subordinate to me. (throws pillow at him)

BILL: Hillary, get a grip on yourself. Remember, you have to be controlled and disciplined. Think of your image.

HILL: (throws another pillow at him, throws herself on the floor and has a two-year-old-child like temper tantrum, flailing her legs and arms) I DON'T CARE, I WANT TO BE PRESIDENT! I WANT TO BE PRESIDENT. (keeps screaming until BILL throws a glass of cold water on her -- then she sputters to quiet whimpering)

BILL: That's better. Here....take a hit of cocaine. It always calms you down.
(gives her a sniff, while singing)


Friday, February 22, 2008

Inasmuch as I am a singer-songwriter with many credits, I have written a number of songs relevant to our group since I founded Grandmothers Against the War in 2003, and have performed them in theatres, cabarets, churches, galas, peace meetings, and so on throughout the United States and also in Europe. I thought you'd enjoy hearing two of them on the following YOUTUBE site. The songs are: "Grannies, Let's Unite" and "I've Got to Take Back My Country," performed by me with two pro singers, Rosie Jun and Helen मिल्स, in our trio, THE NEW YORK GRANNY CHICKS. Enjoy!

Monday, February 18, 2008


HILL: Can't you keep that big mouth of yours shut and stick to the script? Why on earth did you have to get into a fight with that Obama heckler in Ohio?
Do we have to hog-tie you?

BILL: If you think I'm gonna let somebody insult ME, the President of the United States, you're even crazier than I thought.

HILL: But you're NOT President any more. Your job now is to help ME become President.

BILL: Don't give me that crap, Hillary, I'll do what I want. The only reason you're running for President is because you're my wife, nothing more. Do you think you'd have ever had a serious possibility of running for office on your own? Get real!

HILL: What are you talking about, you egomaniac? I've had 35 years of experience.

BILL: Which experience are you talking about -- when you worked for multi-national corporations in that Arkansas law firm? Or maybe you mean when you were screaming at me when I was Governor about how much you hated living in Arkansas. Or sulking in the White House because you had to organize dinner parties. Some experience.

HILL: You never would have become president if I hadn't agreed to stay with you when the press got wind of your affair with that Flowers bimbo. So, you owe me big-time, Mister. And that means you do what I tell you to do. And I'm telling you to stop getting off-message. You're really screwing things up for me. You're making this about YOUR presidency, not what I'll do in MINE. And, people are beginning to worry about what you'll do when I'm in the White House. They think you'll take over.

BILL: You don't think you'll have a clue what to do on your own, do you? Do you think I'm going to sit there and plan state dinner party menus? No way. I'll be looking over your shoulder every step of the way and keeping you out of trouble.

HILL: Oh, yeah? You'll be too busy scoping out the interns to pay attention to what I do, just like when you threw away your presidency because you couldn't keep your hands off the help. And, another thing, you've got to get a grip on yourself when you're campaigning for me. That fight you got into with the pro-life person was very damaging to my image. I need as many pro-lifers to vote for me as I can get. You watch your mouth, bubba.

BILL: You control freak!

HILL; You tin Romeo!

BILL: Listen to the Ice Queen!

They throw pillows at each other, get into a physical tussle (not a romantic one).

Wednesday, February 13, 2008



A group of well over 150 older women all across the United States organized within the last 36 hours to prepare and sign a statement to counteract the prevailing media spin that Older Women are for Hillary. More names are flooding in by the hour. Here is our statement and the names of those who are currently signed on.

Statement of Older Women for Obama

Why does the media repeat the mantra "older women are for Hillary?" It's not true. We have found each other informally, and found that, far from being alone among our friends, we are many, we are legion. We have discovered one friend after another who has come to the same conclusions. These are a few of many we share: - Senator Obama's intellect is outstanding. His broad and deep grasp of the difficult national and international issues of our day is remarkable. - He has nearly two decades of wide, hands-on, personal experience with difficult major city, state, and national issues. - He has been a subtle and successful legislative strategist.- We have noted that he has won the endorsement of people respected all over the world for their knowledge, experience, and character, such as George Soros and Paul Volcker. - We have seen that Senator Obama had the wisdom to see a war in Iraq for what it would be. Worse than a mistake, it would be a blunder. - Last on this wildly incomplete list, we have been impressed by his personal character. He has lived his beliefs. This week, we started an email tree to see how many friends and friends of friends were of our thinking. Within thirty-six hours, more than a hundred signed on to our statement endorsing Barack Obama, and names are coming in every hour from all over the country: cities, the countryside, the suburbs. These are older white collar, blue collar, pink collar women. We include politicians, television talk show hosts, professors, nurses, women in finance, businesswomen, authors, journalists, telecom workers -- even a cattle rancher. We are not to be pigeonholed by the pundits or the pollsters. All we have in common is more than forty years on this earth (which we share with billions of other people), our gender (which we share with fully half the human race), and our clear conviction that Barack Obama is the best person to be the next president of our United States.

Helen Hill Updike, Older Women for Obama, 2/13/08

SIGNATURES -- (partial list--many more available upon request)
Julia Widdowson, Millbrook, NY, grass fed cattle rancher
Martha Cornish, Atlanta GA, Photographer
Cornelia Calhoun, San Francisco, retired biologist
Panchita Wadley-Bailey, Montpelier VT, MA, M.Ed
Rosemary Patton, San Francisco
Helen Updike, New York, wealth manager
Louise de Vries, Larkspur, CA, retired bookkeeper
Patty Langdon - Hamden,CT - retired Research Administrator/Antiques Dealer>Cynthia H. Flagg - Tucson,AZ - retired Clinical Social Worker
Carolyn Grave - Guilford, CT - ArtistAlison Steadman - Washington, D.C. - retired LibrarianHarriet Ball - Alexandria, VA. - Clinical Social WorkerRives Carroll - Washington, D.C. - EducatorJenifer Neils - Cleveland, OH - Professor of Art History & ArchaeologyAnna Lawson - Roanoke, VA. - retired AnthropologistAnne Lunt - Temple, NH. - EditorNan Montgomery - Bethesda MD. - ArtistMary Severson - Carmel Valley, CA - retiredAmanda Madar - Cleveland, OH. - retired ESL Teacher
Dorothy Wexler - Washington, DC. - retiredJacqueline Fesler - Lexington, MA - Technical Writer/EditorBetty Arbuckle - Washington, D.C. - Financial ServicesShirley Lindenbaum, New York, anthropologist
Bette McDevitt, Pittsburgh PA, peace activist
Miriam Poser, New York City, retired
Carol Greenberg - Brattleboro, VT - Antiquarian BooksellerGreta Walker, New York City, real estate
Robin A. Samuels. New York City, Educator
Merle Geline Rubine, NYC
Arlene Ellner, New York City, Peace Activist
Tanya Laurer, Chester NY, Artist
Mary Rossabi, Brooklyn, NYC, retired teacher
Mary Geissman, New York City, retired financial manager for international non-profit
Virginia Davies, New York City, Lawyer
Naomi F. Chase, New York City
Ruth S. Meyers, New York City, psychoanalyst
Elaine Ford, Harpswell, Maine, Professor Emerita
Betty "Coqui" Brassell -- New York City, retired telephone operator, peace activist
Linda Saisselin, LCSW, Greenwich Village, New York City, psychotherapist
Hazel M. McFerson, Ph.D, Fairfax VA, Associate Professor of int'l studies
Sarilee Janger, Castro Valley CA, Retired
Roz Boyd, New York City, retired science librarian
Joan Wile, New York City, peace activist and author
Marie Runyon, New York City, former NYS Assemblywoman
Diane Dreyfus, Baltimore, architect
Ronnie Eldridge, New York City, former NYC Councilwoman, now TV talk show hostess
Madelon Holder, New York City, Occupation Therapy Assistant
Deborah May, Bronx, New York, HIV/AIDS Educator
Barbara Walker, Staten Island NY, retired United Nations educator
Rosalyn Fassett, Warwick NY, artist and Professor of art history
Marianne Novy, Pittsburgh PA, Professor
Edith Bell, Pittsburgh PA, retired
Phyllis Behar, New York City, retired businesswoman
Florence Hepner, New York City, retired exec. assistant for an int'l non-profit
Beverly Rice, New York City, retired nurse and currently peace activist
Linda Voorsanger, Brooklyn NY, retired college instructor
Roberta Semer, New York City, consultant
Hilda Meltzer, New York City, retired assertiveness trainer
Susie Himelhoch, Ketering OH, campaign manager for United Way of Greater Dayton Area
Theresea Girouard - Jefferson, NHPatty Mould -Scarborough, ME - Government Relations Professor, retiredMolly R. Martin - Marlboro, VT - retired
Lucy Adams, New YorkMary McCain, Washington, D.C.
Edith Hill Updike, Long Island, University lecturerTheresa Swenson, Long Island JournalistAnnie Blatchey, Long Island, JournalistJane Schneider, New York, retired professor, New York
Mary S. Moffroid, Vermont, Professor Emeritus Frances Fox-Piven, New York, Distinguished ProfessorEvelyn Fox Keller, Cambridge, MassachusettsBobby Cohen, New York, Literary agent, author Barbara Sacks, New YorkMicki Stickford, New YorkLisa Adams -Washington, D.C.- Interior Design/Professor of Interior Design>Linda Levine - NYC - Anthropologist/Teacher-Educator>
Peggy Robin - Washington, D.C. - WriterJoan Chapin Smith - Cambridge, MA - Clinical Social WorkerKatharine Johnson Kahn - NYC - PsychotherapistCarol Greenberg - Brattleboro, VT - Antiquarian BooksellerWendy Innis - Brattleboro, VT
Marcia Spencer - Brattleboro, VT - DesignerPhyllis Komintz - Weston, MA - retired
Susan Train - Paris, France - JournalistNina de Voogd - Lectoure, France - TranslatorPeggy Fleming - Washington, D.C. - PhotographerMiki Clements Collier - Temple, NH - Horse Show Judge/Riding InstructorConnie Kelly - Temple, NH - retiredAnne Impellezeri, New York,Kathleen Ladd Ward - Hingham, MA - Art Historian/WriterJean Thibodeau -Temple, NH - Legal SecretaryLinda Claff - Sharon, NH - Innkeeper
Annelise Brand, Washington DC, retired
Amy Little, New Paltz NY, political consultant
Joan Cadette; retired teacher; Millbrook, NYJulia Widdowson, Millbrook, NY, grass fed cattle rancherDagni B. Senzel, New York, NY, landscape designer Madeleine Swain, New York, NY, leadership consultant
Diane Schor, New York CityGerda Meller, Miami, Florida Connie Colman, Warren, Vermont, Home Health AdministratorBarbara Nagy, Torrance, California Lucy Robinson, Amherst, MA, actorLouise Caldwell, St.Louis, MO, educatorKaura B. Brines, Waitsfield,Vermont, teacher

The year's hottest artists on the red carpet at the Grammy Awards. AOL Music takes you there

Thursday, February 7, 2008


by Joan Wile, Founder, Grandmothers Against the War, and author
"Grandmothers Against the War: Getting off Our Fannies and Standing up for Peace,"
to be published by Citadel Press, April 29, 2008

I'm getting a bit ticked off with all the pundits and polling reports that claim that older women are for Hillary. In my circles, this just isn't true. I can't speak officially for my two organizations, Grandmothers Against the War, and Granny Peace Brigade, because of financing and ethical rules, but I can certainly speak for many individual grandmothers of my acquaintance.

Peace grannies, who have been in the vanguard of the anti-war movement since before Shock and Awe shocked us to our very core with horror, have been consistently opposing Hillary since before the resolution giving Bush authority to start preemptive war was announced. At first, we tried through letters and petitions to get her agreement NOT to vote for the resolution -- I, for instance, was part of a MoveOn team of people who visited with her New York City staff to urge her to oppose the resolution -- but once that failed, we grannies began a number of protests aimed at her, along with Code Pink and others. Many times, we held vigils outside her Third Avenue offices. Many times, we bird dogged her at her fund raisers -- so many of them held here in Manhattan where the big, big money resides.

We have been so angered by her. It wasn't enough that she supported that damned Resolution, she has continually advocated more troops in Iraq. That is, until it became clear to her that such a stance would hurt her Presidential ambitions....very late in the game, it must be said. Then, and only then, did she claim to be opposed to the occupation of Iraq. And, never once has she admitted to making a mistake. She insists that the intelligence was faulty and that it was the correct decision given that intelligence. Excuse me, why is it we old ladies (and so many millions of other people) could see this war would lead only to disaster but she, with all her privileged information, couldn't (or, more to the point, wouldn't?)

Obama had it so right when he deftly punctured the myth she propagates that she is uniquely qualified to be President on "Day One" because of her "35 years of experience" when he said in their L.A. debate, "It isn't enough to have experience on Day One, you have to be RIGHT on Day One." Amen.

And, now that we're on the subject of experience, and specifically her claimed 35 years of experience, never have I heard such blatant false propagandizing in my 76 years of existence. I'm no whiz at mathematics, but even I can add 2 and 2, and I fail to see how a few years in law school, plus some years as a corporate lawyer, many years as the wife of an Arkansas governor and 8 years as the wife (and mostly a disgruntled one) of the President add up to 35 years of preparation for the Presidency. I count 4 years as a Senator and 2 as a part-time Senator while campaigning to reoccupy the White House as the relevant training. That adds up to 4 and 2 part-time years of experience, I believe, unless my arithmetic is out of whack.

On the other hand, I count Obama's approximately 12 years as a community organizer in a large city, his 7 years as a state legislator and his 2 years as a U.S. Senator as somewhere in the vicinity of 21 years of relevant experience to be President. Quite a no-brainer, isn't it?.

I'm thoroughly convinced, therefore, that he will be ready on Day One, and so are many, many other old broads like me. I'm in touch with peace grandmothers all across the nation and I have a pretty sound grasp of where they stand with respect to the candidates. I can authoritatively attest to the fact that there is an enormous pool of un-surveyed older women who enthusiastically support Obama. Not only do we support him, but we will be sorely antagonized if Hillary Hawk is allowed to make her nest in the Oval Office.

Sunday, February 3, 2008


by Joan Wile, Founder, Grandmothers Against the War
and Author, "Grandmothers Against the War; Getting off Our Fannies and Standing up for Peace," to be published by Citadel Press, April 29, 2008

HILL: I'm glad you toned down your attacks on Obama a little, but how the hell could you lose Kennedy?

BILL; That old double crossing windbag? And after all the cozying up we did with him sailing on his yacht until I puked.

HILL; You're supposed to be the master politician, so how come you let the big one get away like that?

BILL: Don't have a hissy fit. I got even with him the other day when I said that he voted for the No Child Left Behind bill that Bush sponsored. That'll fix his wagon.

HILL: You idiot!! I voted for it, too. Just wait until the pundits get hold of THAT one. I can just see Maureen Dowd's next column.

BILL: Well, you're making your share of goofs, too. That gobbleygook you spouted in the LA debate about why you voted for authorizing Bush to attack Iraq was an embarrassment! Obama really one-upped you on that one. Why don't you LISTEN to me? I told you years ago to say it was a mistake and apologize and get it over with. But, you can't admit to making mistakes. It drives me crazy.

HILL: That's nothing compared to your relationship with that Canadian mining millionaire. The one who donated $31 million to your Library. The one you helped make a deal with the Kazakhstan mining company. It's all over the papers now. I BEGGED you not to pal around with that guy. I have a hard enough time keeping the press off my tail about our donations from drug companies and PACs.

BILL: If you think I'm going to pass up 31 million bucks just so you can compete with me and become President, you're nuts.

HILL: Aha!! I knew you subconsciously wanted me to lose. You can't STAND to let me steal your thunder. And, you know damned well that I won't screw up like you did. You just couldn't keep your pants zipped, could you?

BILL: I was horny, for Christ's sake. Who wouldn't be with a cold fish for a wife like you? But, there's one thing you can't top me at, sister. They LOVED me, and they still do. You're lucky if they even like you, much less love you. You just don't have it. You're too stern, too icy. Let's face it, no magnetism, lady. I don't care how loudly you laugh, you just don't make it in the personality department.

HILL: Well, that's not our biggest problem. We've got to silence all the talk of a co-presidency.

BILL: So, what do you think I'm going to do if you're President? Make up menus for state dinners? You'd better believe it will be a co-presidency. That was our deal. I campaign for you and I'll run things on the sly.

HILL: You S.O.B. I'M going to make the decisions.

BILL: What? And run the country into the ground? NO WAY!

HILL: You're not going to tell me what to do. Go off to Africa or someplace and let ME handle things. (THROWS PILLOW AT HIM.)

BILL: You don't really want me to leave you alone there, do you? You know you can't cut it. (THROWS PILLOW BACK)

They start to push each other and fall down on the ground tussling.

Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Joan Wile - Old but Cool

Here's a little playlet I wrote right after Obama trounced Hillary in South Carolina. Enjoy!


by Joan Wile, Founder-Director, Grandmothers Against the War, and author,
"Grandmothers Against the War: Getting off Our Fannies and Standing up
for Peace," to be published by Citadel Press, April 29, 2008

HILL: NOW look what you've done! I TOLD you to lay off Obama. I KNEW it would backfire.

BILL: He said Reagan was transformative and I wasn't! Do you think I'd let him get away with that? And he'd take away my image as the first Black President.

HILL: This campaign isn't about YOU, Bill, it's MY turn.

BILL: Don't give me that crap. There'd BE no you without me. Do you think you could possibly ever have dreamed of being a senator, let alone PRESIDENT, without my popularity? This campaign LOOKS like it's about you on the surface, but we all know it's really about ME. Suck it up!

HILL: Now, just hold on there, buster. If it hadn't been for ME, you'd never have BEEN President in the first place. If I'd gone ahead and left you when I found out about Jennifer Flowers and all the others, how far do you think you'd have gotten? Remember the deal you begged me to agree to? You said if I'd play along and deny, deny, you'd set it up for me to run for the Senate someday. Then when you got caught with that fat little whore, you promised me the Presidency if I'd stick around. There'd be no YOU without ME, and don't you forget it. So, you'd better shut up and let me call the shots from now on.

BILL: Let YOU call the shots along with that gang of sycophant idiots around you? Are you serious? Do you know how hard it was for me to figure out a strategy to get you out from under your vote for the Iraq war? Do you have any idea how I sweated to position you as a dove, not the hawk you've been since Bush started his garbage about WMDs in Iraq?

HILL: What was I supposed to do -- stand on principle and risk killing my good ratings? My polls showed that the American people were in FAVOR of bombing Iraq.

BILL: And, you didn't listen to me when I told you to forget about that ridiculous resolution to ban flag burning. What the hell were you thinking? You knew there hasn't been a public flag burning for years, and you're going to be ridiculed about it for a long time. Don't you think people were wondering why you came up with that in the middle of a war where our troops were dying every single day?

HILL: Well, I had to do SOMEthing to appeal to the neocons. I need their votes and I couldn't think of anything else.

BILL: That's right, you COULDN'T. You listen to ME from now on and you won't come up with limp ideas like that.

HILL: i don't care, you've got to stop going around half-cocked like that. I insist that you tone down the rhetoric. And, another thing. I think you're ambivalent about my winning the Presidency, and that's why you're screwing up so much. You WANT me to win so that you can get back in the White House, but you want me to LOSE because you can't stand the thought of me being President and stealing your spotlight.

BILL: That's a load of B.S. I want you to be President ...... as long as you let me pull the strings. You know you haven't a clue on your own. And, remember -- you'll push for a reversal of the two-term limit or I'll leak the truth about Whitewater.

HILL: If you think I'm going to have a co-presidency, forget it. I'm going to do it alone. You can just attend to the dinners and the decorating. I was stuck doing that stuff ever since you were Governor. Now, see how YOU like it.

BILL: Oh, yeah? We'll see how far you get on your own. Maybe I'll just walk out before the Inauguration.

HILL: DON'T YOU DARE! (throws pillow at him.)

BILL: SHREW! (throws pillow back.)

HILL: HAS-BEEN! (pushes him. They tussle, both winding up on the floor.)