Thursday, November 27, 2008


A guest anti-war granny, Edith Bell of the Pittsburgh Raging Grannies, has sent me a copy of her letter published in the Post Gazette. I think it's most important. Here it is:

"President Bush states, he will not close Guantanamo Bay prison (PG 10-26-08) Guantanamo is an interrogation camp. Interrogation camps are illegal according to the Geneva Conventions, revised in 1949 in response to Nazi practices in World War II. Our government unilaterally decided to disregard the Geneva Conventions. Furthermore the 8th Amendment states, “ Excessive bail shall not be required …nor cruel and unusual punishment inflicted.” There are reports on what has occurred at Guantanamo Bay prison, incidents resembling Abu Graib. Somebody asked me recently how Hitler’s rise in civilized Germany was possible. Since I was there, I assured him, that it sneaked up on us gradually. First the fear of external and internal threat was invoked. Secret prisons and a paramilitary force were established. Ordinary citizens were spied upon, and citizens’ groups were infiltrated. People were arbitrarily detained and released. The press was restricted. A few other countries were attacked. Criticism was regarded as treason or espionage. Economically Germany was in dire straits, trying to provide for “guns and butter”. Finally the rules of law were subverted and there was a dictatorship. No one dared to speak out, and a neighbor could no longer be trusted. Evil happens when enough good people do nothing Let’s make sure that it can’t happen again."

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