Saturday, March 28, 2009


I poured my hopes into you, Barack. I gave and gave from my limited fixed senior income to you. I hate calling strangers, but I did -- in Ohio and Pennsylvania, saying over and over that you would bring peace, that you would restore our good name throughout the world. I wrung my hands through the Hillary attacks, publishing satirical articles, songs and one-acts on the Internet to humiliate her. Oh, my God, the stress of those months as the polls undulated up and down. It's a wonder I didn't have a stroke.

And, then, Hallelujah, you did it. I rejoiced in your victory and thrilled at your inauguration. Your own grandmother couldn't have been more proud and joyful than I was.

I was sure you would be different than the other, and at last would end the war in Iraq. You said you would and I believed you. Although you did say that by going into Iraq we took our eye off Afghanistan, I was confident that you would manage that issue peacefully,so that we would extricate ourselves quickly from that potential quagmire as well. I was so happy to think that the world would respect us again and I wouldn't have to hang my head in shame any longer.

Then, you spoke of sending more troops to Afghanistan, but I assumed you were testing the waters, trying to accommodate the war heads, but would in short order change course, pull out and bring them home. How could you do otherwise? You were my beloved hero, a man of peace. I started petitions designed to urge you to re-think your policies in the Middle East, but in a respectful way, certain that you were just waiting for a ground swell so you could justifiably change direction.

One day recently, I read that you had ordered 17,000 more troops to Afghanistan and were retaining 50,000 in Iraq even after the official withdrawal. That was possibly the biggest heartbreak I'd experienced since my first love dumped me unceremoniously. Reluctantly, I helped organize a Granny Peace Brigade protest at the Times Square recruiting center. Some of us old ladies got arrested. Still, I thought that in the end you would do the right thing.

Today, you ordered more troops to Afghanistan. Don't you realize what you've done? Don't you see the destruction, the horrors such an action will cause? How is it you, of all people, can't realize that only diplomacy and humanitarian aid, not weapons, can resolve the crisis of terrorism?

You have broken my heart, Barack. Disillusionment happens all through life, so I should be used to it by now. But, this one hurts so bad.


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