Monday, February 8, 2010


I don't think our system of government is really working any more. Maybe it's time to ditch it and try something else.

Because those Washington blow-hards are not concerned at all with me and my problems nor anyone else's, for that matter, except, of course, for the corporations that woo them.

Do they, with their life-long pensions, care that my measly social security benefits have been capped for the next few years? Do they, with their excellent comprehensive free health coverage, care that despite Medicare, a major illness could wipe me out? Do they, with their two residences, care that housing costs are so prohibitive that I am desperately trying to avoid giving up my one small apartment? Do they, with their comfortable salaries, lecture fees and book contracts (to say nothing of their bribes and sometimes mis-used "campaign contributions") care that out-of-sight rising costs for basic necessities of life mean I can't afford a new pair of shoes or a dinner out once in a while?

And, above all, do they, with their ability to manipulate the system and keep their kids out of harm's way, care that my grandson or granddaughter might have to dodge explosives in unjustified and immoral wars for oil championed by men too old to fight?

I think not.

Maybe when our forefathers conjured up our system of government, elected officials had a greater sense of responsibility toward their fellow citizens. Perhaps they really DID try to make decisions that they conceived would benefit people the most. At that time, maybe, our representatives truly represented us, at least as honorably and conscientiously as they could.

But, now, that integrity, except for a few noble souls, seems to have vanished. They are for the most part a bunch of inept, egomaniacal, greedy retards whose only activity, apparently, is to endlessly fight each other, engage in sex scandals, and follow a no-risk path to ensure re-election. THEY ACCOMPLISH NOTHING FOR THE PUBLIC GOOD!

Why should I trust my lot to them? It makes no sense.

It is reported that Sarah Palin is calling for a revolution. Well, so am I, but not her whacky one.

. I call for an end to media advertising, thus obviating the need for huge campaign funds, and necessitating the candidates to speak directly to the people. Remember the Lincoln-Douglas debates. That was how the people got their impressions of the contenders, not through some advertising copywriter's empty slogan or glitzed-up visual.

. I ask that no official be allowed to receive more than $100 in contributions from any source.

. I ask that a national register be put into effect indicating which bills are introduced, sponsored and voted upon by every Senator. It would be published daily in every newspaper in the nation.

. I want a system to be developed whereby every Senator must be held accountable by his constituents on a regular basis, and if he or she doesn't measure up, they have the right to oust him or her immediately.

. I ask that every Senator with eligible children make certain that those kids enlist in the military and request battle assignments.

Those are a few of my ideas. I would love to hear others' thoughts on this matter. In the meantime, I'll continue my Granny Peace Brigade street actions, my petitions, my letters to the editor, my YouTube political songs, and everything else I've been doing to try and stop the wars, reverse the failure to reform health care, stem the economic melt-down and all the other catastrophes our Senators and Congress people have totally failed to resolve. My efforts haven't proved very effective, unfortunately, but it's all I've got -- until we basically change the structure of our government.

Therefore, I say -- throw the rascals out and reform the system!!

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