Friday, July 30, 2010


Barry, things have run amok
Take the blinders off your eyes
Don't you see that we're stuck
in a lethal, tight'ning vise

You helped us hope once more
Got us wired and inspired
We expected there'd be no more war
Fear and despair were retired

But, things didn't change as expected
Where did the promises go?
Bad policies stayed uncorrected
Your "Yes" slowly transformed to "No"

Heading the list is Afghanistan
Yes, you mentioned that you would go there
But, being an intelligent man
we thought you would soon be aware

It's a useless, destructive dead end
A hopeless unsolvable quagmire
They will never give in, never bend
Please order our troops to cease fire

We're killing the innocent, killing our own
Much of the world thinks we're evil
Cancel the bomb, cancel the drone
Finally end this upheaval!

Put the billions to work here at home
for schools, for housing, for better health care
In Dallas, Chicago, San Diego and Nome
We need jobs, public transport, and far cleaner air

Be the President you promised you'd be
It's never too late to change course
Restore peace and recover prosperity
Don't cause us to file for divorce!

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