Sunday, March 20, 2011

Third Estate Sunday Review: Roundtable

Third Estate Sunday Review: Roundtable

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Joan Wile said...

I found your discussion extremely interesting and informative And, thanks for the mention of me and my book. We had a pretty good rally here in NYC. Rangel spoke quite forcefully against the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, and criticized Obama for the attack on Libya, from the point of view that he should get Congressional agreement for beginning wars. Unfortunately, we did not have civil disobedience, though we had planned to. We couldn't get enough people to engage in it. Perhaps, in part, that's because so many of the attendees, like me, were older people. But, still it was a disappointment. I like your comments regarding the Left Forum. It certainly was responsible for keeping would-be participants in my rally from coming -- for instance, World Can't Wait said they couldn't attend because of Left Forum. Since when should a tired old hash-over of the Old Left blah blah supercede attending a protest on the day 8 years after the Shock and Awe bombing of Iraq?? GRRRRR!!!! We did, however, get great local TV and radio coverage -- practically all TV networks covered us on local news shows.

Can you link to my blog--also on blogspot? Joan Wile Blog is the innovative and exciting title. Tell me how I can link with your blog. I love it!