Monday, February 18, 2008


HILL: Can't you keep that big mouth of yours shut and stick to the script? Why on earth did you have to get into a fight with that Obama heckler in Ohio?
Do we have to hog-tie you?

BILL: If you think I'm gonna let somebody insult ME, the President of the United States, you're even crazier than I thought.

HILL: But you're NOT President any more. Your job now is to help ME become President.

BILL: Don't give me that crap, Hillary, I'll do what I want. The only reason you're running for President is because you're my wife, nothing more. Do you think you'd have ever had a serious possibility of running for office on your own? Get real!

HILL: What are you talking about, you egomaniac? I've had 35 years of experience.

BILL: Which experience are you talking about -- when you worked for multi-national corporations in that Arkansas law firm? Or maybe you mean when you were screaming at me when I was Governor about how much you hated living in Arkansas. Or sulking in the White House because you had to organize dinner parties. Some experience.

HILL: You never would have become president if I hadn't agreed to stay with you when the press got wind of your affair with that Flowers bimbo. So, you owe me big-time, Mister. And that means you do what I tell you to do. And I'm telling you to stop getting off-message. You're really screwing things up for me. You're making this about YOUR presidency, not what I'll do in MINE. And, people are beginning to worry about what you'll do when I'm in the White House. They think you'll take over.

BILL: You don't think you'll have a clue what to do on your own, do you? Do you think I'm going to sit there and plan state dinner party menus? No way. I'll be looking over your shoulder every step of the way and keeping you out of trouble.

HILL: Oh, yeah? You'll be too busy scoping out the interns to pay attention to what I do, just like when you threw away your presidency because you couldn't keep your hands off the help. And, another thing, you've got to get a grip on yourself when you're campaigning for me. That fight you got into with the pro-life person was very damaging to my image. I need as many pro-lifers to vote for me as I can get. You watch your mouth, bubba.

BILL: You control freak!

HILL; You tin Romeo!

BILL: Listen to the Ice Queen!

They throw pillows at each other, get into a physical tussle (not a romantic one).

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